We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Ocean Detailing can provide low cost in-house detailing services in all 50 states.

  • Used Car Detail – Wash, wax, plastic on interior, clay bar, clean engine and compartment, clean trunk, clean spare tire compartment, clean wheel wells, dress tires, shampoo floors, and clean interior.
  • New Car Detail – Wash, wax, apply any product needed (for ex. perma plate or safe part stickers)
  • Car Delivery Detail – Prep car for delivery: wash, remove stickers, install mats, clean wheel wells, dress tires, vacuum interior and wax.
  • Service Detail #1 – Exterior wash, vacuum, dress tires, and clean windows.
  • Service Detail #2 – Exterior hand wash, wax, shampoo carpets and seats, dress tires, clean windows and clean engine compartment.
  • New and Used Car Lot Cleaning – Wash down cars and tire shine front lot
  • Pressure Wash jobs – available upon request
  • Headlight Restoration – Remove discoloration from both headlights
  • Tint Removal – Remove tint from all five windows
  • Wet Sand – Remove deep scratches
  • Valet – Associate provided for full time valet service
  • Service Wash – Associate provided for full time service wash
  • Car Porter – Associate provided for full time car porter service